Friday, November 23, 2007:
“Precisely during the days of the celebration of the Feast of Saint Cecilia, an artistic event has taken place with the Russian composer Tikhon Khrennikov. He was the protagonist of in this good version of the Concerto number 2 offered by a splendid Reznik, excellent in every moment, with a stupendous pianistic technique, with rich phrasing, with great expressiveness. The virtuosity of Reznik went hand in hand with the enthusiasm that was apparent in relation to this concert, enthusiasm that he knew how to transmit to all spectators in the Manuel de Falla hall, with the extraordinary collaboration of the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Granada, to which the young musicians of Moscow were joined.

The Opinion of Granada
Friday, November 23, 2007:
“The main course was the Concerto for piano and orchestra number 2 (by Tikhon Khrennikov) with Andrey Reznik on the piano. A work conceived for the brilliance of the pianist, the introduction and cadences occupied ample spaces. Order, formality with certain humor, firmness as expressive security with notable strokes in this work. A meritorious interpretation by Reznik that put conviction in this work of strong dynamism and fluid dialogue between soloist and orchestra.


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