Andrey Reznik was born in Ukraine. After graduating from the Kharkov Secondary Specialized Music school (Noemi Goldinger's class) he entered the Moscow State Conservatory in 1977 (Samvel Alumian's class), graduating in 1982. His piano tutors have also been Rigina Horowitz, Vladimir Krainev and Lev Vlasenko.

During his pianist career he has performed in the cities of Ukraine, France, Spain, Greece and Argentina, both as a solo and accompanying pianist.

After graduating from the Moscow Conservatory he profoundly studied composition under the supervision of Evsey Vevrik, a composer from St-Petersburg. Some of his symphony works were conducted by Mikhail Pletnev's Russian National Symphony, the Bolshoi Theatre orchestra and the Kharkov Symphony Philharmonic. Of his piano works the most frequently performed ones are Four Techniques (dedicated to Samvel Alumian) and a piano album for youth Music Entertainment.
Since 1989 Andrey Reznik's music has been performed on the Russian TV, the culmination of his composer's activity being the music for the TV channel Kultura.

Since 2000 Andrey Reznik has resided in Spain, actively working as an artist, educator and concert manager. Since 2002 he has been the Honorary Member, pianist and organist of the Kings of Spain Festival in Torremolinos supervised by Their Majesties King and Queen of Spain. Since 2003 he has been the producer and artistic director of the Moscow - Andalusia Cycle of Cultural Collaboration, Prodigy Children festival and the series of concerts Three Ages of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Since 2004 he has been the representative of the Moscow State Conservatory in Spain.